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Admin Team

Harun Hitgen

Dear Delegates, Directors and Esteemed Guests of this year’s BERMUN 2 conference, I have the honor to serve as the Head of Admin together with Nicki Saee. As an admin, I can be part of all the planning and backstage work of this amazing event. I started with the Admin Program exactly one year ago. I was introduced to the program at BERMUN 2 and shadowed and assisted the Heads of Admin at our BERMUN conference last November. Attending weekly meetings, planning training sessions, and leading during the actual conferences have helped me prepare for my current position. I am very excited to work together with the delegates, directors and other admins to make this conference the best it could be. Outside of school, I enjoy enrolling in major programs such as BERMUN and furthermore love music. I play the piano with passion, I participate in the high school choir and I play the violin in the high school orchestra. Furthermore, I play tennis and badminton. See you soon! Harun Hitgen Head of Administrative Staff

Nicki Saee

Dear delegates, chairs, directors and esteemed guests, In the name of the administrative staff I would like to welcome you to this year's Berlin Model United Nations 2 conference. Together with Harun Hitgen, I will be leading the Administrative Staff as the Head of Admin. I started participating in the MUN program at the age of 14 as a Committee Admin. Throughout the years I have also performed the various other admin jobs, such as Conference Admin, Assistant Head of Admin, and lastly Head of Admin. This year's BERMUN 2 conference will be my 3rd conference as a Head of Admin and my sixth conference in total. Because of MUN and its excellent admin program, I was able to quickly learn many essential organizational skills. Together with the other admins, I learned the importance of teamwork and taking initiative. As a Student Officer I began to understand the significance of communication between all directors, student officers, delegates and admins. BERMUN allowed me to grow in the field of event management, and I am honored to pass on my knowledge to the future generations of admins. I am looking forward to another successful conference with old and new faces! Kindest regards, Nicki Saee Head of Administrative Staff