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Press Team

Rosalia Larriuz

Dear Delegates, Directors, and Chairs, I am humbled by the opportunity to lead our press team for this year’s BERMUN2 conference as Editor-in-Chief. In my three years of working on the press team, I have learned the true meaning of collaboration and individuality, two concepts that play an important part both independently and dependently of one another. I am excited to work with this particular group of press members as I have seen them develop and I am eager to support further developments in the upcoming event. As BERMUN2 has always been a more regionally based event, I am keen on meeting with our neighbors and explore the diversity within our own milieu. I personally believe MUN is an amazing opportunity to understand acceptance and tolerance, a result of a disparate group assembling for a common cause. The program allows us to delve into foreign affairs casting aside any personal bias or opinion. I believe that understanding the genesis of opinions is the first step to a tolerant community, society, even world. Although the BERMUN Times may be much smaller than global newspapers, I hope my team and I can provide such an opportunity for all parties by reporting on the conference, with candor and lack of bias. I look forward to meeting you and working with my team to provide a well-rounded coverage of the conference. Rosalia Larriuz