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Press Team

Madeleine Kelly

Dear Delegates, Directors, and Chairs, After such a successful BERMUN conference in November, our press team is eager to get back to work and bring you the best possible documentation of BERMUN 2. Not only do we see this smaller and more intimate conference as a chance to strive towards improving our performance, we also see BERMUN 2 as an opportunity to welcome new members to our team and to adequately train them to replace our graduating seniors at this year’s November conference. As always, the Press Team works diligently throughout the conference to produce newspapers, videos and photos that reflect the conference to the highest degree. The high-pressure atmosphere within the Press Team to meet deadlines and successfully create quality newspapers drives our members to work hard and gives them a valuable experience, whilst simulating the environment of a real press room. With BERMUN 2 being my last conference before I graduate, I look forward to making these days memorable and rewarding! Madeleine Kelly Editor-in-Chief